Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Two & Twenty Years

'twenty years at sea on this little paper boat...', in the front window of Paper Boat Press
A delicious display of Christmas decorations
Behind the gallery, the studio where everything is made
Three sets of hands at work filling trays and trays with ornaments

I visited Paper Boat Press this past weekend to join in their 20 year celebrations (and begin my Christmas shopping). I was so pleased to join in the festivities and support Kylie and her staff as they commemorated two decades of creativity, growth and achievement. How inspiring it is to see Kylie's talents successfully shared with so many.

As a result I found myself reflecting on the past two years, when I made the decision to turn my hobby in to a business, and how far I have come in that time. As I await the arrival of my first logo printed jewellery boxes I realised that over that two years I have crossed everything off my five year plan. From appearing at Finders Keepers Market (twice) to creating a professional logo, from making a $1,000+ sale online to orchestrating a professional photo shoot and creating a look book, from being stocked in a bricks and mortar shop to having jewellery boxes custom printed with my logo. Two years ago these were the highest goals I thought I could achieve in the next five years. They seemed so far out of reach when I made them.

I can't imagine where I will be in eighteen years time, as I am sure Kylie couldn't either. But with her inspiration as a warm, generous, welcoming member of the creative community to guide me, I am going to dream big and write another five year plan. Her positive role modeling reinforces for me that anything really is possible in the future in terms of living my creative passion.
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