Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Charming Chores

Laundry and gathering go hand in hand these Spring days. I recorded this moment for prosperity yesterday. A posie of dandelions, a sprinkling of jacarandas and handfuls of mulberries speak of our unruly lawn, the purple giant that looms over our neighbours fence, raining blooms upon the aforementioned grass, and the wealth of berries this season. 

My little helpers join me in the garden as I add or subtract pegs from the clothes line and tote baskets in and out of the laundry. They chase a pink inflated ball, giggle from the trampoline, follow the cats with curiosity, present me with tiny offerings, demand I push their toy cars, add or remove their shoes, ask their inexhaustible questions. 

What is making that noise? Where is that butterfly going? What is the cat thinking? Do caterpillars turn in to birds? Can I turn in to a butterfly and back in the a girl again? Can I hand you the pegs?

Sometimes, when it looks like rain, I will duck outside without them, tossing pegs one way and clothes another as I rush. But mostly, laundry is an excuse to spend time out doors with them. To play, potter, bird watch, pull weeds, pick flowers, admire clouds and try to satisfy their inquiring minds. Making the chores that much more charming with their presence.
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