Monday, November 9, 2009

Books, beetles and babies...

I have been tired and overwhelmed with all that has been happening of late and while I had no intention of taking an impromptu break, I think it may have been what I needed. I'm afraid we have been living amidst the difficulties of illness, mastitis, teething and the first stages of weaning.
And yet, there have been so many wonderful things happening too...
I have been reading - The Scarlet Letter and A Movable Feast. Reading feels like such a wonderful luxury when you have a baby. While feeling ill I gave up on the house work and spent my windows of free time while Cohen slept, curled up on my own bed reading. I wonder if I could get away with that more often... Thanks dearest sister for the wonderful books and for your blog post while I was sick. (I will have to get you a wonderful birthday present!)
I baked my first cheesecake and was surprised by the delicious results! It is wonderful to try something new. Why do I wait so long to do these things? I need to challenge myself more often with new things, be it baking or something else.
I have celebrated with my friends and their children, as each of the babies reaches there first birthday. My dear Cohen is next and I am so looking forward to his first birthday party.
The first Christmas beetles have arrived, which has always been a sign to me that Christmas is on it's way. Do you have Christmas beetles where you are? I love the silly things with their big bodies and tiny legs. I only wish they would stop trying to get into my kitchen.
There has been lots of photos taken, of Cohen, our adventures and the everyday. It's wonderful to take a camera with you, it makes you slow down and really look at things.
There has been lots of baby cuddles, there has been long and meandering phone calls that make you smile the rest of the day, there have been flowers from loved ones surprising me and nodding their heads on the dining table, there have been hexagons stitched, there has been long walks and there has been movies to watch while snuggled up on the couch.
I am so thankful for my husband and baby, my family and friends and all the little things that add up to make a wonderful life. I think sometimes you just have to take a step back to appreciate them.
A few photos from a lovely long walk around the lake yesterday.
PS. Do you like the new simple blog design? The background was looking a little to fussy and I have been admiring the simple white backgrounds I have noticed in blog land and the mosaic headers.
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