Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Special Parcels

Vintage baby dresses

There have been a few parcels in my letter box of late, in the way of gifts and yarn. Wrapped in vintage sheeting and tied with a special ribbon and a note, Tania sent Emerson these gorgeous vintage baby dresses to add to her collection. I'm lost for words at the thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you again Tania! They are such darling little dresses and I am sure you will be spotting them on the blog in future.

Also in the mail, that bunny to the right of the photo was the contents of this parcel. A sweet little nightlight from Little Brown Mouse, Emerson's Easter gift. (Though Cohen is utterly fascinated by it.) And in another parcel, my new wool arrived from America, which I shall share with you tomorrow.

Oh, I do so love finding parcels on my door step, or hiding in my letter box!
And you? Have you had any special mail lately?
A post card? A parcel? A handwritten letter?
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