Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Afternoon Tea' Beads



beads 4

I could not wait to start stringing the beads I made. I wore mine all day yesterday and Emerson has been enthralled by them. Now if she is feeling fidgety while feeding she can play with the beads instead of pinching me. A definite win!

Thanks for your lovely comments about them too. I have put some in the shop if anyone is interested in a set for themselves or as a gift. I can also custom make them for you with your chosen colours and shapes.


Ornament swappers! I emailed the last of the partner details last night. So if you haven't received an email from me and you think you should have, please email me and let me know.

Don't forget to keep your partner's details a secret until you send them your ornament, then you can reveal your identity (name, blog, email, whatever suits you) in a card or note with your decoration. I would love it if you sent me a photo of your finished ornament/s too, so I can make a mosaic of everyone's handiwork.

I have created a flickr account, so you can add images of your works in progress, inspiration mosaics and your finished pieces. It's here.

Quiltova has created a mosaic of decorations she likes to make the guess work easier for her partner.
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