Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Creative Space




Three years ago I left a comment about a brooch on a blog post (the last brooch). A post I found through My Creative Space. I inquired about the price. Kylie wasn't yet selling her beautiful wares, but she wanted me to have it anyway. And I still have it. Cohen was just a baby then. I remember nervously going to my first mother's group wearing that brooch for a bit of added confidence. I met one of my very good friends for the first time that day. She recalled a couple of years later that she had first noticed me because of my brooch.

A few months ago, Kylie saw a hot water bottle cozy I'd made and commissioned one for herself. It was a lovely compliment. I have been knitting away here and there and was pleased to stitch the buttons on yesterday. Just in time for Kylie's arrival home from a working/holiday to London, Berlin and Paris. I sifted though a tin of op-shopped buttons until I uncovered these. An old pair of metal Eiffel Tower buttons. They seemed just the thing. 

It seemed apt to post the finished cozy here too, in My Creative Space.


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