Tuesday, April 23, 2013




"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013." Che and Fidel.

Cohen: The water was so cold. Children seem immune to such things though when there is fun to be had.
Emerson: Oh so serious, she contemplates her brother on the flying fox.


I have been Winter shopping for these two little/big people, my 'pigeon pair,' and have discovered a strange optical illusion. Size one onesies look so BIG. Size four shirts similarly look rather too large. I can't believe that they will really fit them. And their new slippers? Surely their feet are too small to fit in those shoes? What is it about Motherhood that distorts ones vision? They really don't seem so grown up until I hold those new items up to them and realise that the sizes are right. Perhaps it is just me.

I am struggling a little with the thought of no more tiny baby clothes in the house. I keep boxing up the outgrown clothes, unsure what to do with them. I don't seem able to part with them yet. The bassinet, the tiny socks, the muslin wraps. I can't decide if I am done yet, though my husband is so certain that he is. How did you decide? Did you just know? Any words of advice?

Oh how they have suddenly grown.
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