Friday, April 26, 2013



1. Progress in the kitchen - the cabinets are in, the electrical and plastering has now been done, next week the doors and stone bench tops will be fitted - Hooray!
2. The cutest kitchen helper - out of the frying pan and in to the pot?
3. A wonderful visit to Threads and More's new abode at Indooroopilly, where I scored these magazines for $5 each - so much lovely yarn too
4. Waste not, want not - sharing the Rosella love with friends who make jam - can't wait to make jam in my new kitchen!
5. The little shoe monster strikes again
6. First slippers for the shoe monster
7. Going 'home' - twenty five years later
8. Always time for tea - especially when partaking in an op-shopping adventure with two children

Our days are a little strange as we live without a kitchen and live with the white plaster dust of renovating. (I'd forgotten about that white dust.) There are dishes on the bathroom sink, a toaster on the tv cabinet and tradies coming and going as progress is made. It's an exciting sort of mess to live in, full of promise. I am excited at the prospect of getting to know my new kitchen and unpacking my collections. Finding a home for the plates, glasses and vases. I think a little kitchen party will be in order once it is complete.

Tonight though I am looking forward to book club - lovely ladies, a great book and a glass or two of wine (of course.)

What are your plans this Friday evening?
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