Friday, August 16, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Whimsy and Juno + A Giveaway - CLOSED

I thought a few fun questions would be a lovely way to get to know the people behind the blogs and shops that sponsor my blog (thus enabling my knitting and handmade addiction). My next guests in the 'Sponsor Spotlight' are two Brisbane lasses, Lauren and Sarah, from the delight-filled online shop Whimsy + Juno. Their sweet online space is full of treats and treasures, set to pretty up your craft, brighten up your gift gifting, or indeed become the perfect gift. The girls have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to design, pattern and giftware, and both are crafters and lovers of handmade. So please welcome Lauren and Sarah, browse their virtual shopping isles for goodies, and don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end.
Our shop is... a place where we sell all of our favourite things! We love anything fun, creative and a little bit quirky and we want to share these beautiful things with our lovely customers. We sell a select range of design-led stationery, craft supplies, accessories and homewares from here and abroad. We hope that whenever we sell something to someone they love it as much as we do and that it makes their day a little brighter! (And whose life isn’t vastly improved by an adorable Jackalope, a pretty new necklace or a stack of washi tape?)
The best part of working with my sister... is that while we both have very similar taste when it comes to craft and design, in other ways we are very different, which is great when it comes to making decisions about what products to buy and how to style them for the shop. We both have our strengths and we are lucky that they are different for both of us. Sarah is the resident stylist and photographer while Lauren loves hunting down new products for the shop. Plus we get along so well with each other that it’s kind of like working with your BFF, which is lots of fun!
We find inspiration... everywhere! We’re both addicted to reading blogs, books and magazines. We especially love reading Simply Crochet, Uppercase, Kinfolk and Extra Curricular. We also get lots of inspiration from other cultures and are obsessed with anything Japanese or Scandinavian. (And who couldn’t love the land that brought us both Shibori and Hello Kitty?)
Our favourite three items in our shop are... the Coffee Dance Mug from Gemma Correll’s Pickle Parade range, all of our Japanese MT Masking Tapes (they’re the original and the best washi tapes) and the MoTEX Embossing Label Maker- it reminds us of our 80’s childhood and can be used to label literally anything!
If I had to pick one craft and only one, I would choose...
Sarah: At present I would have to choose crochet. I tend to have many crafts on the go but this is the one I always go back to as it is so relaxing to do in front of the TV. I’ve also loved the chance to make some lovely crochet rugs for my baby daughter.
Lauren: I would probably choose sewing as the possibilities of what you can create are endless! I’m currently working on a range of homewares for the shop and it’s great fun picking out pretty fabrics and then deciding what to turn them into.
We came up with the idea of opening our store...  because we had trouble buying the things that we loved here in Brisbane. Plus we’d always wanted to work together in some way so we thought we’d just go for it and open up our own little shop full of happy, crafty things!
The Giveaway
The girls have been sweet enough to offer my dear readers the chance to win the gorgeous items featured here - a Pickle Parade by Gemma Correll notebook, 2 MT tapes, 1 MT Wide Design tape (with a super-cute bear and squirrel design!) and an MMMG Grizzly Bear Pen.
To enter, pop over and 'like' the Whimsy + Juno page on Facebook and leave a comment below to let me know you have.
Winner will be drawn next Friday, 23 August 2013.
While you're commenting, I'd love to know, are you are a washi tape fan? Do you have one roll? Or a collection? Do you use it for special occasions? Or on everything? Or have you never heard of it before?
I love using washi to pretty up my packages and have several rolls!
Many thanks to Lauren and Sarah for supporting my blog this month.
If you are interested in being featured in a 'Sponsor Spotlight', please check out my Sponsor Info page or email me -
Advertising spaces range from a tiny $5 - $12 for 30 days.
And the winner, thanks to, is comment 12.
Congratulations Jennie and thanks to everyone who entered! :)

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