Saturday, September 28, 2013

Right Now


Recovering: After a week of illness, I'm beginning to feel normal again. The Dr suspected Glandular Fever, which I had as a child. It was a stressful wait for the blood test results, and a great relief when they returned negative.
Reading: Great Expectations for book club. I'm half way through with a week to go...not loving my chances of finishing it in time, though I am determined to finish it.
Loving: This season of strawberries and mulberries. Homegrown fruit on our breakfast each morning is such a treat.
Realising: I just can not watch scary movies - just glimpsing part of a movie Dave was watching gave me nightmares for two nights!
Cooking: Smoked salmon, sliced black olive and caper pizza - sooooo good!
Knitting: A small jumper from a thrifted Patons knitting booklet, using the lovely Quince & Co. Tern I have had sitting in my basket for some time. A quick, satisfying knit intended to take my mind off being unwell.
Anticipating: The arrival of this book - about knitting, need I say more
Hoping: For a lazy, rainy weekend
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