Thursday, December 12, 2013

Made By Hand + 'Vantastic' Giveaway - Closed

This week on 'Made By Hand' I am doing things a little differently and rather than share what I have been making, I wanted to celebrate the fantastic work of a maker I have long admired, and whose blog counts among my favourites, Kate Ulman of Foxs Lane. I would still love to see what you have been making though, so don't forget to leave your link below!

"From caravan craft projects to tips on how to select the best caravan park, Kate Ulman takes a whimsical and nostalgic look at caravanning holidays in the modern world. Kate and her family are seasoned caravanners, having spent six months travelling around Australia in their vintage caravan, stopping at many caravan parks and campsites along the way. Kate’s blog, Foxs Lane, has connected her with thousands of like-minded travellers and now she shares her travel advice, caravanning recipes, craft projects and photographs through this gorgeous book that may just inspire the retro caravanner in you."

Creative people seem to gather inspiration everywhere. Some makers in particular seem to be surrounded by an abundance of beauty and inspiration, which shines through in their work. And a few very special makers share that inspiration and beauty with you, and take you one their journey. One such maker is Kate Ulman. Mother, organic farmer, maker, writer and traveler, whose beautiful family, creative flair and honest writing can not fail to inspire and delight.

Kate has utilized her talents to create a beautiful and practical book about retro caravan holidays in the modern world. A perfect choice for gift giving or holiday reading, Kate's book will win the hearts of anyone with a love of retro styling and craft, those who are planning a caravanning holiday anywhere in the world, parents looking to keep their kids entertained on the road, and those of us who just like to dream and escape within the pages of a gorgeous book.

I have requested that Dave place a copy of Kate's book under the Christmas tree for me this year, and thanks to Kate's lovely publisher, one lucky reader also has the chance to win their very own copy!
To enter, leave a comment and let me know - If there was some where in Australia you could escape to on a caravanning holiday, where would it be?

Giveaway open Australia wide. Winner will be drawn on the 19th of December 2013.

And the winner is Elflyn! Thanks to everyone who entered. I loved reading your inspiring road trip suggestions. xx

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