Sunday, December 29, 2013

Preparing for the New Year - Embracing Happiness

Needed an after lunch treat. :) #hokeypokeybiscuits

While I have been considering home and work for the New Year, I have also been taking in to account considerations of my personal happiness. In particular, what measures I can take to increase my happiness and the happiness of those I love. As I think of it, I have been adding to a little list of the things that make me happy. Some reminders for when things inevitably get out of balance -

Send more handwritten letters and cards
Visit art galleries
Browse book shops
Read for the sake of reading
Make jewellery
Catch up with friends
Schedule 'me-time' in my diary
Knit for my family
Get my hands dirty in the garden
Pick up the camera
Grow or buy flowers for the table
Take yoga classes
Craft with the children
Plan a holiday
Cook new recipes
Walk in the rain-forest
Remember birthdays
Re-read The Happiness Project
Be Christina

What's on your happiness list?

If you are keen to read more about happiness, head to the happy authority, Gretchen Rubin.
And maybe start a Happiness Project of your very own.
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