Friday, January 24, 2014

Taking Stock


Making : A 9ct Yellow Gold Opal Ring
Cooking : Simple meals at the end of long hot days.
Drinking : Tall glasses of water filled with ice cubes.
Reading: 'The Essence of the Thing' by Madeline St John
Wanting: A self weeding veggie patch.
Looking: At big grey clouds, threatening rain. (Hooray!)
Playing: With my project life album each week. Pics to come soon.
Deciding: What kind of blanket I want to make for this babe.
Wishing: Our friends and neighbours all the very best of their six month trip around Australia.
Enjoying: Homemade ice blocks of blended mango and coconut cream. Yum!
Waiting: To see my dear sister again. I miss her already.
Liking: Overnight oats with frozen berries for breakfast.
Wondering: How Emerson is going to react to her brother going to school each day.
Loving: The feeling of writing in a brand new notebook with a brand new pen.
Pondering: How many lifetimes I would need to be all the things I want to be - interior designer, painter, sculptor, book shop owner, novelist, travel writer...
Considering: All that I want to achieve at home and in my business before the baby arrives.
Watching: Cohen build a cubby from sheets and pillows.
Marvelling: At the hiccups I can feel emanating from the little one in my tummy.
Needing: A little more peace and quiet than I am currently being afforded.
Smelling: Everything! The gift of pregnancy.
Wearing: Fewer and fewer clothes from my wardrobe as my bump gets bigger.
Following: Claire Atkin's 'Make Marks Daily' Project on Instagram @pinkyandmaurice
Noticing: That the best time to hang out laundry in Summer is at night.
Knowing: That my floor needs mopping, but the rest of my house is clean.
Thinking: About applying for Brisbane Finders Keepers market again for November.
Admiring: My new logo design in progress. Can't wait to share it with you.
Sorting: Through the last little pile from a stack of 800 photos, spanning the last two years. My photo albums will soon be full and up to date! (Phew!)
Buying: New notebooks and goldfish
Getting: More chilli shaped capsicums from the garden than we can eat.
Bookmarking: Klimt02 Internation Art Jewellery Online, Thank You Shanna, The Weekend Edition Brisbane, Karina Sharpe, Artisan
Disliking: Bananas in Pajamas (two dense bananas and a rude rat), Blinky Bill (questionable role models indeed), Small Potatoes (enough said)  and Fireman Sam (most annoying voice artists ever)
Opening: Exciting packages.
Giggling: At five year old questions like, "Does the baby have a pillow? Is it wearing a shirt?"
Feeling: Excited and nervous about my first born starting Prep.

Joining in with Pip.
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