Saturday, January 25, 2014

New in the Shop - 'Maeve' Rings and 'Lois' Hoops

'Maeve' Rings
'Lois' Hoops
'Lois' Hoops Rose Gold
'Lois' Hoops

I'm a sentimental girl at heart with old postcards tucked away in my diaries, antique jewellery hidden in my jewellery box and a drawer full of my Grandmothers starched linen and intricate doilies. These always fascinated me as child who could not even knit. It was quite beyond me how anyone could create such delicate and beautiful work. Years later I would crochet my own doilies and feel an immense satisfaction. The younger me was especially impressed with myself.

Indeed, it is partly that fascintation, partly the satisfaction and partly the sentimentality that inspired me to create this collection of contemporary silver and rose gold jewellery, which hints at a time of linen covered tables and doilie decorated bureaus. With metal, punches and drills, I have handcrafted each piece to evoke the beauty of women's hand work and the romance of yesteryear.

I've chosen to work with the soft tones of rose gold to further embrace times gone by, as much antique gold jewellery has a pink hue due to the old recipes for alloying pure gold to give it strength. I have incorporated pearls in to two of the pieces still to come, as I find the allure of pearls is timeless, while they enhance the beauty of their wearer at any age. 

This collection originated with a sketch of a doilie bunting and evolved from there to the six pieces that form the collection. Each design has been handmade from copper, professionally moulded and cast, to create identical likenesses so that the quality of each piece is of the same high standard. Each casting is then lovingly finished by hand.

Each item in this collection is unique to Christina Lowry Designs. These pieces are customisable and are also available in Sterling Silver, 9ct and 18ct Rose or Yellow Gold. Please email me with any queries you may have -

The first two pieces in the 'Sentimental' Collection are now in the shop, with more to come soon!
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