Friday, May 9, 2014

11 - 37 Weeks

Three's the charm. #11weeks4days
11 Weeks
Third pregnancy bump at thirteen weeks. And the most beautiful maternity dress care of Sally @virtuallysally, handmade by Kylie @paravent. Thank you lovely ladies! #13weekspregnant #selfie #possiblyanotherninepoundbabyforme
13 Weeks
The little bump and I are having a day out in the City. GOMA Design Markets and Californian Design exhibition here we come. What are you doing this (rainy) Saturday? #widn #selfie #14weeks6days
15 Weeks
Half way! #20weekspregnant
20 Weeks
Bump progress - 22 weeks + 4 days. This little bubba gets hiccups a lot, just like Cohen did. Braxton hicks (practice contractions) started at 16 weeks and always manage to strike at the most uncomfortable times - like when I have the hiccups, or while cr
22 Weeks
25 week bump. Third time around and I haven't started preparing anything yet! I think around 35 weeks I'll be moving the bassinet in to our room and sorting through the baby clothes. :) #25weekspregnant #babybump
25 Weeks
A quick snap of the 26 week bump in the library lift this morning. Dropping Cohen to school this week I was chatting to another Mum with a baby. I mentioned that Emerson was really excited about my being pregnant. She replied, 'Oh! Are you pregnant?'...
26 Weeks
Almost 32 weeks now, and I'm still managing to fit my bump behind my bench. Despite sore ribs and constant indigestion, I think this has been my most enjoyable pregnancy yet. So looking forward to meeting this little one, yet still so much I want to do in
31 Weeks
Couldn't resist a 32 week bump shot. :) #baby3 #32weeks #twomonthstogo
32 Weeks
Hello bump! 35 weeks and 5 days. And the hair cut. :) @craftyrie #35weekspregnant #babythree
36 Weeks
37 weeks today. 11th Wedding anniversary tomorrow. Mother's Day the next day. So many reasons to be grateful. Xx #37weekspregnant
37 Weeks
Loving the portrait my five year old made of me at school. Melt. :)  #portrait #mamalove
'Cohen's Mum'

I was flicking back through the Instagram photos of my pregnancy today and wanted to pop them all in together in a post, along with the photos we have from two of the ultrasounds. I love seeing the progressive growth of my bump. I couldn't resist adding the portrait Cohen made of me at school too. So very cute.

Today I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow I celebrate my 11th Wedding Anniversary. And the next day is Mother's Day. 

So very many reasons to be grateful and to celebrate.
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