Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thistledown Country Cottage

In the days after Christmas it feels like the real holiday begins. The pace leading up to Christmas slackens and is followed by quiet days with simple plans. Dave joins us at home and the children all climb into bed for cuddles in the mornings. Our two year old notes with new surprise each morning that Dada isn't leaving for work. Later nights. Afternoon naps. Day trips and adventures to celebrate with family and friends. Bliss.

Yesterday we traveled to Mount Barney, in Queensland's Scenic Rim, to visit Dave's Mother for her birthday. She is staying at the lovely Thistledown Country Retreat. We enjoyed lunch with her (prawns and watermelon make such a wonderful combination), we wandered the grounds, fed the sheep, explored the kitchen garden and rose garden. We took in the beautiful old home, with it's chandeliered dining room and charming country kitchen. The rain came in gently and the first mist turned into a drizzle. The mountains were hung with clouds, obscuring their peaks. The birds sat dripping among the tree branches and wallabys' bounded picturesquely across lush green hills.

As we drove home and the children napped in the car, I felt the joy and happiness of the season in great measure. Wishing you days of beauty and connection with your loved ones as the year nears it's end.
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